First and foremost, we believe that nothing is more sustainable than loving and wearing the shoes you’ve got. That’s why all of our non-seasonal styles have their right to exist and we choose not to oversupply. Following the motto: A collection is good when you cannot take anything away from it without leaving a gap. Our shoes are meant to complement each other, making all of them essential products for a contemporary every day look that survives short-lived trends. We are only releasing new styles that will meet these criteria.
To avoid impulse purchases that don’t benefit you we are determined to assist as much as we can during your decision making. Therefore, we are offering detailed product descriptions, sizing indications, styling advice and customer service. To find out whether a particular style of shoe will serve you well within your wardrobe you can then calculate its cost per wear.

As simple as effective: We don’t waste materials and only use as much packaging as needed in order to keep your treasures safe and pretty. And the materials that we use are 100% free of plastic. Yippee! The best we’ve saved for last: Our shoe bags are truly one of a kind – made by hand locally in Germany using upcycled pre-owned cotton or linen sheets and recycled cotton cords.
When you choose to buy from CEDOUBLÉ, your package will be delivered carbon-neutral. Generally, we opt for conscious alternatives whenever possible.



Love to wear & care! Looking after your shoes will keep them beautiful and extend their lifespan. Extensive care instructions can be found on any product page and are delivered with your purchase as well. If you're still not completely sure, you can always reach out to us. 

For us, being responsible and sustainable is a continuous learning curve and we are eager to get better and better as we continue this journey.