Guilty as charged: Yes, we are all about fashion – nonetheless (or indeed for this very reason), we are firm believers in the so-called Cost-Per-Wear-ratio. This pretty simple and straightforward shopping indicator helps you making well-considered, rational purchase decisions to avoid bad buys and consume responsibly. The game-changing idea: An item’s value is directly related to how much you use it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cheap or expensive purchase – money is still spent and you want to be sure that it’s worth it. You can calculate the CPW on your new pair of shoes (or any other item) by taking its price and dividing that by the total number of times it will be worn.

Cost-Per-Wear = Price for your shoes / Total number of wear times

To assess the number of wear times realistically, ask yourself the following questions (and answer them honestly, of course) when considering purchasing a pair of shoes:

  • Do I like the quality of the material and the workmanship? Are the shoes easy to take care of?
  • Do the shoes fit me and are they comfortable?
  • Would I be buying a short-lived fashion statement or a “no brainer” that fits my reality of life and clothing style?
  • Will these shoes complement my go-to outfits or will they dominate them?
  • Are these shoes bound to one season or will they – with appropriate accessories – work for a couple of months during the year?
  • Will my heart leap with joy when holding the shoes in my hands for the first time?

Applying this smart approach will open your eyes, avoid impulse purchases and make you realize that cheap fast fashion often will turn out to be much more expensive than initially expected. When you love and wear your shoes over a longer period of time, a higher price will pay off. Ultimately, it makes more sense to focus on the true value for you personally instead of just on the price tag itself. Clever investments go easy on your budget. We at CEDOUBLÉ rate all of our shoes according to the CPW-ratio. Only the ones adhering to this underlying idea will make it into the collection. That is how we create a manageable, carefully curated selection of styles. Our aim is for you to enjoy your CEDOUBLÉ shoes for years to come: That’s sustainable!

Further info on our approaches to more sustainability you can find here.

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