Inspired by self-confident people who live fashion and style in their very own way, CEDOUBLÉ offers special yet always 100% wearable shoes, bags & accessories of high quality.

Carefully selected, sophisticated designs of a seasonless aesthetic detached from short-lived trends meet an attractive value for money, realized through D2C distribution. Designed in Germany, produced in Europe, available in our online shop or selectively and temporarily in physical stores.

More is not more, that's our motto. A well-stocked shoe selection or wardrobe in general contains pieces which complement each other and have their unique character and purpose. We offer gender-neutral styles in sizes 35 to 43.


After years as colleagues in shoe wholesale product development and marketing, we - Christina and Celina - decided to co-found the label CEDOUBLÉ in 2021. Together we created our very own marketing concept that deviates from those of traditional online and offline retailers.

As customers ourselves, we couldn't find anything in traditional shoe stores that matched our idea of fashion or inspired us, really. Also, we rarely encountered boutiques and concept stores that curate shoes, fashion and other products in an exciting manner. And while designer shoes are pricey, fast fashion alternatives often lack quality and fit – not forgetting to mention sustainability and ethics. So where can you buy fashionable, high-quality shoes at a reasonable price? Because of our job, we were asked this question again and again.

Online shopping opens a wide array of options. However, this practical, seemingly unlimited bargain hunt has its downsides, too. Scrolling through the oversupply of large retail platforms with a multitude of similar shoe types at starkly differing prices takes time and whether the purchase will actually meet your expectations is to be decided. If you want to play it safe, you can order a few models to choose from. However, returns not only complicate our everyday lives but negatively impact the environment.

That's why we founded CEDOUBLÉ. From design and finished product to marketing and shipping, we offer everything from a single source. Detailed product descriptions and images, shoe model-specific size/care instructions and customer service that goes the extra mile enable you to make an informed purchase decision – even online. We aim to create shopping experiences that will leave lasting impressions. In addition to a second round of quality control before shipping, this includes attractive packaging with a personal touch.

For us, shoes are integral parts of fashion and every outfit. That's why we research relentlessly, walk the world with open eyes, inhale everything that inspires us and offer you fresh, new styles when it feels right – flexible and without seasonal corset. C'EST CEDOUBLÉ.

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