We use EU sizes progressing in full sizes. How those convert into UK and US sizes, you may check out in the chart below. However, please note that this is only an indication and we can’t guarantee absolute accuracy. Feet are three-dimensional, therefore going by their length alone is usually insufficient. Our styles may run differently in size, that’s why each product page contains considerate recommendations that we encourage you to look at. If you need any further guidance, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

EU 36 / UK 3 / US 5,5

EU 37 / UK 4 / US 6,5

EU 38 / UK 5 / US 7,5

EU 39 / UK 6 / US 8,5

EU 40 / UK 7 / US 9,5

EU 41 / UK 8 / US 10,5

EU 42 / UK 9 / US 11,5

EU 42 / UK 9 / US 11,5

Whether you only need a single shoe or a mismatched pair, just let us know your request and we will try our very best to make you happy. Asking is key and no questions are off limits!