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We are two shoe lovers who have been working in footwear development and marketing for several years now. However, from our personal as well as professional perspective, we sincerely felt that there was something missing in the world of shoes.  

That’s why we’ve created CEDOUBLÉ. A unique label offering sophisticated yet always 100% wearable high-quality shoes to inspire fashionable people all over the world. Carefully curated, sophisticated designs of a non-seasonal aesthetic are brought to you directly at convincing prices. Designed in Germany. Produced in Europe. Available exclusively on our website.

Whether it’s design & development, quality control, marketing or customer service – we oversee the entire process from start to finish. And since we cherish all aspects of our business, we take great pride in personally packing and shipping your orders as well.

That’s who we are in a nutshell. If you want to dive in just a little deeper, we invite you to stick around and keep on reading.


We are fashion girls through and through. Always have been. Not surprisingly, we turned talent into profession. Rather coincidentally, however, we entered the shoe industry. While our “dream job” was admired by many, we ourselves ended up being somewhat disenchanted. Let us share the reasons why and explain how we stayed loyal to the world of shoes nonetheless with our very own concept.


There’s nothing better than a real shopping spree. While for clothing there are quite a few attractive options to shop at, things look differently when it comes to shoes. First, traditional retail store concepts and their presentation of goods aren’t particularly appealing. Series of shoes on shelves don’t tempt us much. Inspiration? Not really. Too often, the product range is interchangeable with little distinct identity or emphasis. And unfortunately, dedicated boutique or concept store alternatives displaying shoes along with fashion are rare. The aforementioned shortcomings are apparent especially in the mainstream. Of course, you are able to splurge on a nice pair of designer shoes when you live in a bigger city and your budget allows for it. But should you have to?

A plethora of possibilities opens up when shopping online. But even this seemingly convenient and unlimited way of bargain hunting has its downsides. Combing through the oversupply of large platforms while passing hundreds of similar shoe types at non-transparent price points is tiring. And post purchase lots of unsatisfactory questions remain: Did I pick the shoes with the best value for money? The most comfortable ones? Is the sizing accurate and will the color on screen match reality? A tormenting array of questions which can be avoided by ordering a couple of alternatives to choose from. Sounds easy, right? But apart from being just another thing in life to juggle, returns put a strain on the environment and often cause disappointment when being sent out to the next customer without careful examination. We’ve experienced receiving goods that had clearly been elsewhere before or were damaged even. As customers, we just weren’t happy with offline and online shopping alike. And being unable to make a recommendation to friends when asked where to find fashionable shoes of convincing quality without having to pay designer prices was frustrating and – to be honest – a little embarrassing as well. Despite having substantial market knowledge, we couldn’t come up with a brand ticking all those boxes. Crazy, right?  

That’s why we’ve created CEDOUBLÉ. Detailed product descriptions, sizing indications and care instructions enable you to make well considered purchase decisions. Our aim is to create a lovely shopping experience every step of the way by facilitating personal exchange with our community, providing inspirational fashion content as well as styling advice and delivering your orders in gift-like packaging. Of course, all of our shoes undergo precise quality control right before shipment.  

We don’t believe in more is more but in a manageable shoe closet of heterogeneous styles where every single pair has its unique character and purpose.


In the past years, we’ve often regretted the limited variety of shoe styles that is being offered to customers within and amongst stores. And when looking at how shoe collections are developed, this fact does not surprise. There are quite a few ‘doormen’ in between designers’ original ideas and customers such as product developers, shoe modelers, sales reps and buyers. Meaning, lots of decision makers determine the styles which are actually going to make it into the stores that season (again, we are not looking at luxury brands here, where of course designers do have sovereignty over their creations). At the same time, much weight is attached to past sales figures while there is little willingness to innovate. Potentially, this can lead to customers missing out and contributes to uniformity in the shop windows. Further, we’ve experienced insufficient acknowledgment of how shoes are playing their part in the broader fashion environment and, more specifically, are significant within outfits. While most shoe brands are following a traditional approach of creating two collections per year, there is almost constant new input from the clothing industry. This, we feel, prevents from picking up on evolving trends when the timing is right.

That’s why we’ve created CEDOUBLÉ. We keep everything in our hands from the design to the finished product to the marketing concept. Our ideas of what the styles should look like are very distinct, will not be altered or diluted by third parties and represent us 100%. If you like what you see you actually appreciate our very own work.  

Since we firmly believe that shoes have a crucial impact on any outfit and shouldn’t be excluded, we do research frequently, soak up inspirations and drop meaningful fresh styles whenever we feel like it – Therefore, limiting neither us nor you. We are non-seasonal all season. C’est CEDOUBLÉ. 

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